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Alpaca Stacka! is a 3D adventure platformer where you play as Paz, a kind alpaca dedicated to helping their animal friends.

The Team

Sebastian Baracaldo: Co-Creator, Engineer, Level Designer (sebbaracaldo.com)
Michelle Ma: Co-Creator, Artist, Engineer (michelledoeswhat.com)
Zafire Dragoon: Composer (soundcloud.com/zafire-dragoon)
Kyna McIntosh: Dialogue System Engineer (kynamcintosh.com)


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Paz It On! (Win).zip 74 MB
Paz It On! (Mac).zip 82 MB


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so... i loved this game!!! it was super cute and wholesome!!!

but there was some things in this game that i think should change, like for example, i played with control, and i don´t know if i was the only one but the camera turning mechanics was kinda off, when i re-centered and continued playing , it was going kinda crazy, and i think that it was super slow when i used the joystick to turn the camera. but appart from that, the graphics where really cute and pretty, the history was so cute and the music too!!!!

 i absolutely recomend this game to everyone that likes wholesome games!!!!

Thank you for this amazing game!

If you want, you can check my full game playthrough:

So da
So darn cute! Would love to see this made into a bigger game!

Hello, for the first time i played Alpaca Stack (Paz it on). It is a lovely game, but the negative thing is that is very short and there is no challenge in this. Adding some challenges wouldn't hurt this game at all. Adding some Jump and Run elements would be an idea, but overall a decent game. I made a video if someone is interested. It starts at 0:00.

If it's okay with you, can I make a Chromebook Accessible version of this game? I don't have access to Windows or Mac right now, but I seriously want to play this game.

super cute! i loved it :)

What an awesome game.actully enjoyed alot.please make more games like this.

This game is exactly what I was looking for! 

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That was really a blast! I've played It through steam and was so relaxing, thanks for that! 

Are you interested in localizing this game in other languages? I'm volunteering to do the PT-BR translation if you want, I'm a translation student with some pro experience. Brazil is the top 10 ranking consuming games and our people are kinda poor and not everyone can learn english here, and I really think that your game could be a chilling and beutiful game played by many brazilian children and adults.  

If you are interested, I can send you an email to talk more about the project details.

What a beautiful game!
I enjoyed the Chase catch game, it reminded me the rabbit chase from Mario 64. 


Glad you liked it!
Super Mario 64 was definitely one of our game references along with Animal Crossing!

OMG! I fucking loved this game! It was so relaxing, it brought me vibes of Chill and Beautiful Nintendo Game.

The story was beautiful <3 The gameplay was really good and consistent. 

Nintendo games like Animal Crossing and Super Mario 64 were a huge inspiration indeed. Glad you liked it! :)

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I liked the level design, it lets the player explore while giving clues to guide her. The mechanics are simple and entertaining, and it is also very easy to learn them. I would have liked the squirrel to try to do something to make it difficult to get the chickens to the pen. The story is fun and cute, the characters design too. My favorite chickens were: Cheri and Cheryl. The mechanic I enjoyed the most was hitting trees.

On a visual level I liked the color palette, the 3D models, the way the chickens go backwards or the sides when you run with them stacked; and the presentation of the story, the credits and the map. At the sound level the music turns out to be very relaxing and not tiring, although there was a transition between zones that felt a bit strong. The sound effects are not bad, the one with the squirrel hiding in the bushes is fun but somewhat repetitive.

It reminded me of the days when I played Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, Bugs Bunny: Lost in time, and Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time busters. It also reminds me the vibe of A short hike.

I'm Glad you liked it :)

This game was a delight! I only saved one chick in the recording but loved it. Loved that you could make the alpaca bleat, was adorable! Left a follow and look forward to many more games keep me posted or let me know of any more games in the future! Your game starts around 14:20 in the video

We are glad you liked it! :) Thanks for sharing